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 1.Motor Vehicle:

Head towards the Sun Yat-Sen Freeway, then exit at Neihu interchange (exit no.9). Vehicles from north, please turn left; vehicles from south, please turn right and drive for approximately 1 km on Chenggong Road.

 2.Taipei City Bus:

(1)Suggested Bus Line(s): Zhi Nan 6, 256, 286, 613, 630, 652, Brown 9 (BR 9), and Small 3 (S3)

(2)Suggested Community Bus Line(s): 0 East, 28, 240, 278, 284, 617, 645, 646, 903, Brown 1 (BR 1), Blue 20 (B 20), Blue 27 (B 27),Red 29(R 29),214,521, and 551

 3.Community Shuttle Bus:

(1)Bus Route: Neihu Main Facility→KunYang Station, MRT→SongShan Train Station→Neihu Main Facility

(2) Bus Schedule: Mon to Fri 07:30 to 21:30, every half hour at the Neihu Main Facility(Sat from 07:30 to 12:30 every half hour)

 4.Hospital Shuttle Bus:

(1)Bus Route: Tingjhou Branch←→Neihu Main Facility

(2)Location(s): Tingjhou Branch(at main entrance on 1F of Jieshou Great Building),Neihu Main Facility(wait beside main entrance on 1F of Outpatient Department

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