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         Established in 1946, the Tri-Service General Hospital was originally known as the 801 Army General Hospital and evolved from the Taiwan Army Hospital, Fifth Logistics General Hospital, First Army, Navy, and Air Force General Hospital, and the First Army General Hospital. In July 1967, it was reorganized as the "Tri-Service General Hospital" and moved from its original location at Xiao Nanmen to the Shuiyuan district (the Tingjhou Hospital District), starting a new era in Taiwan's military medicine.The Tri-Service General Hospital serves as a teaching hospital under the jurisdiction of the National Defense Medical Center, and bears responsibility for providing clinical care, teaching and research to benefit military personnel, their families and civilians. Under its assessment by the Ministry of Health as a medical center-level teaching hospital, it has consistently played a very important role in national healthcare. In addition to its usual role of providing public health services, defense clinical teaching and internships for medical students, in wartime, the hospital is also charged with the task of mobilizing support and integrating control of health care resources.


         In order to cope with a rapidly changing medical environment and to improve and develop military medical education and operations, it was decided to centralize both the National Defense Medical Center and Tri-Service General Hospital in one facility in the Neihu District of Taipei under the name of the "National Defense Medical Center." Covering an area of about 43 hectares, it relocated to the Neihu medical facility in November 2000. In addition to retaining walk-in and emergency services in the Tingjhou Hospital District, the hospital adheres to national policy in continuing to provide the highest quality military and civilian medical services through its five branches in Penghu, Keelung, Songshan, Beitou, and Taipei Outpatient Center.


         The Neihu General Hospital employs approximately 3,000 staff and comprises more than 1,800 beds, with an average number of outpatient visits of approximately 6,000 per day. In order to better serve our patients, the hospital's future development priorities are to constantly improve its medical technology and accompanying disciplines, continually investing in advanced equipment while providing a holistic health care environment. It additionally provides a Positron Emission Tomography Center, a Women's Health Center, a Hemophilia Care & Research Center, a Health Management Center, a 3T MR Imagine Center, a Stereotactic Radiosurgery System Center, an Advanced Implant Center, a Cosmetic and Laser Center, and a Cancer Center as well as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Department, and so on. And in accordance with the needs of its medical mission, there are plans for electronic medical records, radiation injury prevention and control, travel medicine, international medicine and other related medical operations included in the scope of services. In addition, the hospital selects outstanding medical personnel every year to be sent to various medical centers domestically and abroad in order to acquire new medical knowledge and practice skills. Thus, through improvement and modernization of hardware and software, the Tri-Service General Hospital aims to enhance the quality of medical services provided to the military, their families and civilians with medical insurance, as well as its operational proficiency.


         Henceforth, the Tri-Service General Hospital will uphold its core values of care, quality, discipline and innovation, continuing to implement teaching, research and service as its goals and aspiring to contribute to the stability of Taiwan's medical profession through its leadership. In adopting a brand new outlook, the hospital aims to advance its care through medical services cooperation with various medical and academic research institutes at home and abroad. Based on feedback from military officers and the community, it intends to establish itself as a model for military hospitals, and furthermore attain its vision of becoming a world-class medical center that is the preferred hospital of choice for military service members and a guardian of community public health.

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