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About us

We originally began with our Psychiatry Household Visit programs in 1989 and now have integrated and provide Psychiatry Home-Care, Social Rehabilitation Center and Day Care Center as a whole. Besides the local civilian in Beitou, we also server patients and governments in Taipei City and New Taipei City as a case-manager, mental health promoter, resource negotiator instead of a merely therapist.

We specially thank all pioneers lead our flourishing today possible, they are: Dr. Hai-Lan We, Lo-Ming Yun, Kuang-Whe Lee, Ja-Fu Lee and Gua-Jon Chang.  


Director: Dr.YAO-JIN HUANG 

Attending Physician: Dr.BO-RUEI PENG 

Post-doctor Fellow: Dr.YU-TING ZENG 

We also have variety of specialists in Day Care Center, Psychiatry Home-Care, Social Rehabilitation Center.


I. Day Care Center

1. Daily activity training, hygiene education, healthy life-style, social skill consolidation, social adjustment development.

2. Group activity: fitness group, bakery group, caring group, pop song band, horticultural group, social-adjustment group, harmonica group, news-paper group, variety group.

3. Therapeutic group: Mnemonic group, Troubleshooting conference, life-adjustment group, social skill group, mental health conference.


II. Social Rehabilitation Center

  1. Occupational activity: strength, isolation training, social interaction, time management, pressure adjustment.
  2. Productivity therapy: Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), food service, human resource, contract cleaner, garden house
  3. Job consultancy and assistant or support programs.
  4. Life and medicine consultation

III. Psychiatry Home-Care

  1. Regular home visit and follow-up treatment
  2. Medication consultation, long-action injection for resistant psychiatry patients
  3. Risk management and negotiation in certain conditions
  4. Psychological consultation for patients and families on line.
  5. Assistant in social economic resources connection and transferring.
  6. Integration with government, police, health provider for refractory patients.

Localization of mental health education lectures




Visons: We are to extend our Psychiatry Home-Care, Social Rehabilitation Center and Day Care Center to benefit our patients to the best. Further and broader resources integration are warranted especially, patient and families, local inhabitant society, charity organizations, labor unities, police and fire engine unities, and schools.



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