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aption: On February 19, 108, President Yang Si-nian led all medical colleagues to carry out a group meeting and a group photo in the Spring Festival. He hoped to provide better services to patients and innovate.

The focus of this issue:

[Special report]: "Family members share the feelings of participating in self-help groups of family members."

[Our hall honor list]: In the second half of the year, in the second half of the year, the smiling angel voted for excellent nursing staff.

[Introduction of physicians in this hospital]: Dr. Yang Yuming, Dr. Wang Yuxi.

[promotional matters]

This hospital is a smoke-free Penang Hospital. The whole area is completely banned from betel nuts. Please do not smoke in the hospital. Thank you for your cooperation! Smoking cessation line 28935869#12.

National Army Suicide Control Center 24-hour hotline service telephone 0800-395-995, there are psychiatric specialists, psychologists, social workers, and professional doctors to serve you, please use more!

~Family share the feelings of participating in the self-help group of family members~ Reminiscent of the past ten years,

The scene is like a four-character comic that slides quickly from the front and the brain.

Like every family in the self-help group, there are similar situations in my native family. I always find a reasonable exit when I want to seek help. In a very accidental situation, my eyes suddenly notice that I will pass by every day. At the three main gates, the flashing words on the electronic board, asking for "volunteer", as if calling for the heart, immediately went to the inquiry.


After the patient explanations of the three general and social workers, I contacted the self-help groups of the family and met many families and individuals from different places with different backgrounds. Every month, everyone shared the various cares.

The situation, in a moment I have a feeling of relaxation, feeling no longer tight, but also understand that everyone is facing the same care dilemma. I am no longer helpless. This kind of mutual support can be relied upon. In the process, I also see deeper self, see the meaning of life and deeper life, and try to heal others. Also healed himself.

(Author: Zhigong Peiyu)


The family self-help group provides a space for the caregiver's family to let the family members exchange experience with each other and encourage each other on the way of the caregiver. In the morning of the first Saturday of each month, I sincerely invite family members to participate.

Location: 1st floor meeting room of the administrative building

Contact: Hu Juming Social Worker; Tel: 02-28355863, 02-28948580


Are you willing to serve a mental patient?

We are located on the hillside near the Xinbeitou MRT Station, a psychiatric hospital full of greenery, old trees and monuments. Our volunteer team has been established for more than ten years, and it is not regularly scheduled to travel in the ward, relying on their enthusiasm. , volunteers dedicated to patients.

As the years go by, some volunteer partners are not able to continue to attend. While grateful and farewell to them, we also expect more people to join the ranks of hospital volunteers.

If you are caring, patient and willing to know mental illness and caring for mental patients, please feel free to contact us! For more information, please visit our website. Waiting for you~

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