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2024/04/01 Unveiling your genetic code! "Genetic testing" is the first step in precision medicine Genetic screening for Spinal muscular atrophy. 44
2024/04/01 Research Achievement at Tri-Service General Hospital: Accurate Diagnosis of Muscular Dystrophy through NGS Genetic Testing – The Significance of Diagnosing Muscular Diseases and Genetic Examination. 36
2024/04/01 Peak power of precision medicine: A six-year review of achievements at the center for precision medicine and genomics of Tri-Service General Hospital. 41
2024/03/05 Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)---One of the most effective operations for treating Parkinson's. 73
2024/03/05 No getting lost in epilepsy~Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy is a brand new hope for epilepsy treatment. 71
2024/02/05 Ultrasound combined electric current field stimulation~A new hope for pain relief. 69
2024/02/05 New hope for stroke patients with severe muscle spasms~TSGH Neurosurgery Department treating patients with severe spasms to alleviate their discomfort. 93
2024/01/17 Lung Love Forward—The Discharge Birthday Party for the Very First Bilateral Lung Transplantation Surgery at Tri-Service General Hospital. 125
2024/01/03 Lighting up 250 lives — The 250th heart transplant surgery successfully completed at the hospital. 159
2023/12/27 Innovation‧change‧persistency—Congratulations to the hospital's medical team for winning three awards at the 20th National Innovation Awards and five awards at the Excelsior Awards in recognition of continuing innovation and advancements. 114
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