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Division of Thoracic Surgery

  • Division history and organizational structure

  • In 1951 (ROC 40), the Division of Thoracic Surgery was established by Chief Guang-shun Lu. In 1969 (ROC 58), Chief Xi-zheng Jiang established Cancer Multidisciplinary Commission. In 1979 (ROC 68), Chief Zheng-long Chen introduced flexible bronchoscopy. In 1995 (ROC 84), Chief Shih-Chun Lee established esophageal function test lab. In 2010 (ROC 99), Chief Hung Chang promoted VATS anatomic resection. Recently, Chief Tsai-Wang Huang applied 3D printing in chest surgery. Thanks to the hard work of our predecessors, we currently have 5 attending physicians, seven residents, one nurse practitioner, including one assistant professor and two lecturers.

  •  Education and research

    • Education: We provide complete education and training programs for medical students, interns, PGY students, residents, physicians-in-training, and nurse practitioners. Additionally, case discussion, image reading, journal meeting and morbidity & mortality conference were regularly scheduled every month. Depending on the curriculum needs and the development of the latest technologies, foreign guests and visiting professors are occasionally invited. Furthermore, regular interdisciplinary seminars are scheduled with other departments, including thoracic surgery, radiology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, and pathology.

    • Research: A total of 13 TSGH research projects, 6 National Science Council research projects, ○ SCI papers were published between 2012 and 2017 (ROC 101 and 106).

  • Facilities, equipment, and medical services

    We have 23 general purpose beds and one esophageal function testing room (including esophageal high-resolution impedance manometry and pH meter). We also dedicated to incorporate the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques and instruments including endobronchial ultrasonography, autofluorescence bronchoscopy, 3D image thoracoscopy and da Vinci Robotic Surgical System. Uniportal VATS and non-intubated anesthesia are now available in the daily practice in suitable cases.  We are the first medical center in Taiwan who applied 3D printing technology in the Nuss procedure for surgery planning and performing.

 groupNational Innovation Award for 3D printing applied in chest surgery    

  • Major milestones




(ROC 103)

The first case of single-port VATS lobectomy in our hospital


(ROC 104)

The first case of subxiphoid VATS resection of mediastinal tumor in our hospital


(ROC 105)

The first case of peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) in our hospital


(ROC 106)

National Innovation Award is conferred for the 3D printing applied in chest surgery

  • Future development goals:

    Establish interventional bronchoscopy center; Advanced apply 3D printing technic to chest surgery; Establish esophageal functional disease center.