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Dear trainee of the Tri-service General Hospital,

Greetings and we are happy to have you here with us. For the convenience of your staying in Taiwan, here is some information that we would like to provide you for your reference.

First of all, there are some papers and procedure that you need to prepare and hand in 2 months before your arrival.

a) Personal resume, with your avatar photo and a training plan which indicates the arrival and leaving date in Taiwan, subject and main goal of your study.

b) A copy of your passport.

c) Physician certificate (including a Chinese or English translation).

d) Document(s) proving at least one year of work experience in medical services (including a Chinese or English translation). 
e) A copy of the certificate of degree/diploma.

f) Insurance during your stay in Taiwan.

g) If you are staying for more than 3 month, you will also need a health exam report including chest X-ray for Tuberculosis, Syphilis, measles and rubella exam.

Your application will be confirmed in advance whether the department (division) agrees to provide clinical training or not. After the application has been granted by the hospital, we will inform the Ministry of Health and wait for government approval. After approval of the Ministry of Health, you will have to get your VISA with the approval letter from the Ministry of Health.

EMAIL  Contact: Lahn Chao (Mr. Chao) / [email protected]  


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