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        Very Welcome to the Tri-Service General Hospital Website (hereafter referred to as the ” Website”), in order to allow you to feel at ease using the services and information on this Website, this Website tells you hereby Privacy Protection Policy to protect your rights, please read the following contents:
1、The scope
        Privacy Protection Policy covers how to deal with this Website when you collect personally identifiable information using the website services. Privacy Policy does not apply to websites related links outside this website, this website does not apply to non-commissioned officers, or participate in the management.
2、Personal data collect, deal and use
        ●When you use the Website to register and apply for a certificate of diagnosis or other services, we will depend on the nature of the business to provide the necessary information and specific purpose within the scope of the processing and use of your personal data; without your written agree that the website personal information will not be used for any other purpose.
        ●When using website mail service, questionnaires, opinion forums and other interactive features that will keep your name, email address, contact information, and the use of time.
        ●For general browsing, the servers will record the relevant acts themselves, including the connection device that you use the IP address, use of time, browser type, browsing and clicking data records, that is referenced as enhance the website service, this record is an internal application, will never be announced.
        ●In order to provide accurate service, the contents of the questionnaire we will collect and analyze statistical analysis of the results of the statistical data presented or captions, except for internal research, we will publish statistical data as needed and explanatory text, but does not involve a specific personal information.
3、Data Protection
        ●To ensure the security and the continuous operation of the system website, this website has a host firewall, antivirus systems and other related information security equipment, to protect your personal information, websites have been equipped with a strict protection measures. Only by authorized personnel should have access to your personal information, relevant personnel are signed confidentiality clause, if violated confidentiality obligations, they will be subject to the relevant legal sanctions.
        ●As a result of business needs when necessary entrust the relevant units to provide services of this website, the website will also comply with the strict requirements of its confidentiality obligations, and to take the necessary inspection procedures to ensure that it will indeed comply.
4、Links to other websites
        The website provides links to other websites, you can also link to this website is provided by, tap into other websites, but does not apply to the linked site's privacy policy on this website, you must refer to the link site privacy policy.
5、Share data with third party’s Policy
        ● This website will not provide, exchange, lease or sell your personal information to any other individuals, groups, private companies or public institutions, but except there is a legal basis or contractual obligations.
        ● Through your written consent.
        ●When you conduct this website, in violation of our hospital regulations or legal orders service , or could damage or interfere with hospital interests or cause other damage suffered by judged disclose your personal information in order to identify, contact legal action are necessary.
        ● Public agencies and academic research institutions based on public interest and for statistical or academic research is necessary, and the data collected through the provider or the treatment can not be identified according to their particular way of exposing the parties.
        ●With good faith belief that disclosure of your personal information by associated laws and regulations or legal orders need to be based.
        ●Judicial authorities of public safety, the requirements for disclosure of certain personal information on this website when the website will depend on the legality of the judicial authorities and whether they comply with the statutory procedures and considerations for the safety of all users of the website, with the adoption of the measures may be necessary.
        ●This website commissioned manufacturers to help collect, handling or use of your personal information, it will fulfill the outsourcing vendor or individual supervision and management responsibilities.
6、Use the Cookies
        As you browse the Website, the web server will be stored Cookie in your computer, cookies are small piece of information transferred from a site to the browser, so that in the future can be more easily used, and these small piece information has effective use limitations, it will automatically remove the limitation after ineffective, Cookie will not read your data from your hard drive, also do not read your other websites’ Cookie.
7、Privacy Protection Policy Amendments
        The website Privacy protection Policy will be amended at any time in response to demand, the revised terms will be posted on the Website.