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Title:Headache insomnia
Published day:2019/3/12


Do not take sleeping pills yourself, so as not to hurt your body and delay your condition.
  Insomnia is a common problem in modern people and one of the most common symptoms in psychiatric outpatient clinics. The doctor pointed out that according to an epidemiological study in Taiwan, the rate of insomnia among Chinese people was 14.4% male and 28.1% female. . The prevalence rate is so high, but there are not many patients who go to the psychiatric department for treatment at the beginning. In the clinic, it is often found that when the patient first went to the hospital for treatment, he had already taken the sleeping pills for a long time. This kind of misconduct was wrong. Mode, often lead to delays in the disease, sleep quality is worse, and the improper use of sleeping pills often leads to drug addiction, drug withdrawal and liver function deterioration.

Chinese people don't know much about what is called insomnia, so there are often different ways to deal with insomnia. People with more nervousness often go to the hospital for treatment after 2-3 days of sleep, and directly ask the doctor to give sleeping pills. The other is that they have Suffering from insomnia for a long time, but feel that the psychiatric department is embarrassed, go to the pharmacy to buy sleeping pills, wait until the medicine is not available, the medicine is invalid, or there are complications, go to the hospital for treatment. This patient often tells the doctor when he goes to the clinic. I can't sleep when I eat a lot of sleeping pills. The so-called insomnia in psychiatry means that the person has difficulty in falling asleep or maintaining sufficient sleep for a sufficient period of time, resulting in the inability to get rid of fatigue and restore energy from sleep, thus affecting the normal routine during the day, for up to one month. the above. Transient insomnia is a common experience of many people. It is also a normal sleep change. It is not a real insomnia. It only needs to adjust lifestyle and sleep habits without medication. In fact, only 4% of patients with insomnia require medical treatment, and most of them only need to notice that good "sleep hygiene" can be significantly improved.

The most worrying problem for insomnia patients is that the next day after insomnia will be dizzy all day, lack of concentration, poor memory, muscle soreness, irritability, and reduced work efficiency. This is also the main factor that makes the average person want to go to the medicine. In fact, do you need to receive medical treatment? What kind of medication is it accepted for? The cause of insomnia must be known first, because the causes of insomnia are many, such as emotional stress, physical illness, side effects of drugs, mental illness, etc. Why do doctors emphasize that patients with insomnia must seek medical treatment as soon as possible because 80% of insomnia and mental illness in clinical statistics related. Taking sleeping pills by yourself is tantamount to drinking and quenching thirst, which not only causes delays in the disease, but also worsens the situation of insomnia. Moreover, drug addiction and drug poisoning threaten life and safety.

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